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Kuza Automotive Limited is solely committed to the development and production of accessible, sustainable and innovative transport. While ambitious, we believe it is entirely achievable.

Therefore, upon this premise, the company is pursuing a progressive approach; currently, we are working on developing a fully electric tuk-tuk which should available in the within the fourth quarter of 2017.

The vision is to ultimately scale up this technology and pioneer a truly Kenyan automotive industry.

Kuza is also intent on nurturing partnerships with companies with which we have shared visions and ethos. Thus far, these have been:

Tony Elumelu Foundation

Our Team

November 04, 2016. Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation shortlist: Alex Makalliwa has proposed the development of an electric-powered tuk-tuk conversion & off-grid charging stations. He is photographed at his proposed 'workshop' with a newly-acquired petrol tuk-tuk to serve as testing & development for his planned electric version; Kisumu Kenya. Picture: Brett Eloff for The Royal Academy of Engineering.

Alex Makalliwa

Managing Director

JBA Makalliwa

Finance Director

Kingsley Ndiewo

Lead Engineer (Drivetrain)

Fiona Wasonga

Lead Engineer (Charging Stations)

Vincent Ngondi

Lead Engineer (Range Augmentation)

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